Stolen Dreams*

The title is a Brazilian movie made in 2009. The film tells stories of three teenage women who live in the same slum in Rio de Janeiro.

The first character I’m going to describe is Nanda. She’s the oldest of the girls, she’s 17. Nanda is a single mother. She has one daughter who is about  one or two years old. Her mother was a prostitute who died of Aids. Nanda lives with her grandfather and her daughter, but she has problem keeping custody of her child.

The young girl is still studying in a very bad public school, where she rarely has class. Nanda doesn’t have a job. So, she and her friends, eventually, work like prostitutes. In this manner, she provides her family, entertainment and other desires.

The other character is the youngest of the trio, Daine. She’s nearly 15 years old.  Her life is trying to get affection from her father, because he ignores her. Her family told  her that her mother was crazy and is dead. Daine lives with her aunt and her husband. He very often sexually abuses the teenager.

Finally, it´s time for Sabrina. She´s involved with a drug dealer. She gets pregnant. Unfortunately, the peddler doesn´t accept responsibility for their child. She has to take care of her daughter alone.

Despite this tragic context, the movie shows the resiliency of these young women. It explores their dreams, their search for recognition, their same desires as other girls of the same age and mainly their strong friendship.

The most important thing is to draw our attention to  a vicious social cycle that  steals dreams everyday..

*My first text in English written in Port of Spain, it´s  homework


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