Fear of touch


It’s possible watch the news without facts of violence? As part of daily, the violence has been surrounding society. There are many causes of violence, but usually the people only respond its effects. If is impossible to scape, everyone wants to stay far from this kind of episodes. Because of that many changes happen in our personal and social behavior and also politically in our struggle for rights.

The insecurity environment adds some sickly behavior in our habits. Anyone go to the bed without check if his or her doors were really locked, sometimes twice. Walking on the street became a game of 007, everyone is suspect. Which also is dangerous because reinforce our assumptions. We are more attracted by security engines. For example, at the decision time to shop car, mobile, computers, house or wherever, which offer some promise of more security is likely be bought.

Another effect of this scenery of violence we have gradually lock up ourself. The obvious evidence is our obsession for alarm, high wall, padlock and electric fence. But also, we have been making approach with each other more complicated. Everybody is so protected by invisible wall that safe contacts have to give space. When someone come direct of me and don’t stop until touch me, my first feeling is fear. Fear of touch.

Besides, there is a distinct kind of violence what is also has been impacting ours societies, the violence by governments. In general, protests start pacifically then police arrive and it becomes a war. People who want to go to street have be prepared with gas mask, vinegar and some of them choose others weapons. Many activists, new and older, have a Internet as safe place to protest, give opinion and organize discussions. It is an unexpected effect because, contrarily, repression by police State in many countries has been igniting needs revolts.

For these reason the violence is one of the challenges for humanity. However, minimize the effect of it in our life is possible. We should take care about our safety but also watch our behavior and avoid extremism. We might have more to gain than to lost if we start breaking invisible wall and allow a hug. Another considerable attitude is don’t let violence intimated us and make we give up our utopia.


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