WordCamp Phoenix: How to make catching Content

Continuing to share the interesting things I learned at WordCamp Phoenix, now focused on web content.

Hit Publish, Now What? How to Promote Your Content Through Social Media by Stacy Harriswas a very open session because people asked a lot of questions, according their interest. I attended a session in TechPhoenix led by her, have a look at it too here.

Few words

  • Be remarkable in social media by good content, consistency and engagement.
  • Be present: share content, keep your site updated, comment on other people’s stuff, answer questions, participate on Google communities, tweet chats etc.
  • Make people read your hashtag, don’t just place it at the end of your sentences;
  • Do not use all 140 characters for your tweet, leave space to people RT and add their stuff.

What Is Your Site Without Content And What To Do About It by Greg Taylor

Simple. Good content demands a lot of work. So, he shared some aspects that could facilitate that process.

Few words

  • There are three typical reasons to make content: for your community (educational), positioning (brand) and conversional (call people to action). Make money or generate revenues is not a goal, but a result. From those, before making each content knowing your why; and for whom (audience).
  • What are you passionate about? It helps to choose subjects and which media to use.
  • Make time to write content, schedule it.
  • Do encourage thoughts such as I’m not good enough or I don’t have time. Just do it.

Content to Cash: Leverage content to attract clients, streamline workflow, and increase profits byJennifer Bourn

I really enjoyed this session. It started by the very common thought I have: what is new to write. But, what about repurpose, reusing, and recycling?



Few words

  • It seems that everything was written, but your audience may not know.
  • Start making a list of the headlines or subjects people often ask you, search for ones you like, things you are able to write about. For each headline write a note, topics, key words, some ideas to develop on the post.
  • Do as many you can. 52 headlines could mean 1 blog post per week for a year!
  • If each headline could become 8 new? It’s good isn’t it?
  • Look at the example of a post how to make more sales on line.
    Different people learn different ways. So, a blog post becomes a webinar that becomes audio, and then transcript etc. Awesome!

Almost all of the presentations are available on WordCamp Phoenix website and WordPressTV.


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